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dancing queeeeeen

Ya know what's kind of fun?  Hearing ABBA seep through the walls of the theatre as I sit in the Box Office on my lappy.  I never thought that working in this tiny cinema would produce such a simple pleasure.  But it does bring a smile to my face.

I think I'm on the last chapter of The Time Traveler's WifeIt's getting more angsty and dramatic.  To be quite honest, I'm not sure that it lives up to all the subtle hype... It's a touching love story, sure, but nothing overly special.  The hero can just jump all over the place.  I guess what I'm saying is that I'm enjoying it, but I'm not blown away.  The reasoning behind Clare's miscarriages though is pretty heartbreaking & disturbing/chilling.  The author does do a good job with the random little scenes which are vital to the story but don't need a lot of build up.

As a side note, Eric Bana is playing Henry & Rachel McAdams is playing Clare in the movie adaptation... That would be pretty good, I think.  Ron Livingston is Gomez, which isn't exactly what I imagined, but that's okay.  He's a pretty good actor.
This winter movie season looks like it's going to kick major ass: The Watchmen, Harry Potter 6 & Twilight, all around the same time *_* I really want to read The Watchmen before the movie comes out... I hear it's bloody fantastic.

What's something you want to accomplish before the summer is out?
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