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friday night and the lights are low

good golly LJ is slow this weekend X_X  I guess a whole lot of you are off getting your geek on at Comicon, while others in the BC area may be at Pemberton...  This would be the downside of working primarily on weekends, I suppose.  The likelihood of weekend jaunts is slim.

My touchpad broke.  I'd been concerned about it for a while because sometimes it would randomly freeze, and then all of a sudden, it worked no longer.  Le sigh.  HOWEVER, with this development I discovered that I really like having a mouse again.  It's so much easier to navigate with and listens to me more.  Or something.  In any case, it's much better.

You know what pisses me off? When people aren't happy with the "quality" of the bill they get as change.  This pretentious woman had ten dollars of change coming her way, and it was a bit beat up, but certainly not the worst tenner I'd ever seen, and she looks at me disdainfully and says in a snooty voice "isn't there a better bill back there?" Ugh, I wanted to snap at her "no".  WTF, lady.  Money is money is money.  Gah.

I've tried 4 book stores for a copy of The Watchmen but all of them 1) are sold out, 2) have all copies on hold, 3) have all copies mislaid (aka: stolen).  Poop.  I think it's pretty weird, actually, what with the movie coming out.  A guy at one of the Chapters I went to did say that it was a book they always had coming in, but that was also the location with all the "mislaid" copies too, so... I'm not sure.  I'm bummed though.  I was excited this weekend for getting to finally read it.
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