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Linksies post!

I'm not usually a link-poster, but I have a bunch that I think some of you would appreciate and so here they be:

[also WARNING: There are spoilers in both the BD & DW links]

Breaking Dawn

1. cleolinda has done a fantastic chapter-by-chapter review here. She's got a saucy and witty style that describes the goings on aptly but with good comedy. The most fun in the review, however, is that she actually likes the series, but takes it for what it is: young adult fluffy insane romantic crack.

2. earlgreytea68 posted a x-over DW/Twilight fic that has some interesting insights into both series actually. Linked here, it is actually a fic that has strong basis in her Chaos 'verse stories, which are Ten/Rose with kids (not as shifty as it sounds, honest.) I don't think you really need to have read those to appreciate this fic, so long as you can accept that Ten & Rose are in a long term relationship & have kiddies (if you're interested in reading the fics that make up that 'verse, the link to chapter one is here and I would very, very seriously recommend it to Doctor/Rose shippers [though, word to the wise, it may take one or two chapters to really get the feel of it. but after that, it's gold.])

And that seques into...

Doctor Who

1. D Tennant as Hamlet photos here. *refuses to angst about not seeing this performance live*

2. Interesting discussion on the departure of companions in Old!Who on doctorwho here. Specific list of companions + departure here. I find it interesting to compare New!Who to Old!Who and some of the observations from other fans was worth reading too.

3. For Doctor/Rose fans, how_iconic made a ficmix for Doctor.2 & Rose. It's very romanticky, but somewhat realistic to my mind anyhow. And plus, the romantickyness soothed my angsting soul. Linked here. The fics are short and pretty well written. I really enjoyed this ficmix.


1. I'm sure everyone and their kitten has seen these by now, but new releases from the Muller photoshoot with Jensen in '06. Very pretty.

Crazy Christians

1. Without meaning any offence, I stumbled upon this link from the Catholic League discussing an attempt to boycott The Golden Compass because of its blatant atheist agenda and the smackdown the books put on the Christian faith. I know it's old news, but the article itself is pure crazycakes gold. Personal Disclaimer: I have no problem with the Christian faith -or any faith- or those who follow it; I was raised a Catholic and spent a few years in the Baptist ministry before deciding that organized faith was not my thing. My amusement & problem lies when individuals of any belief system feel it their right/duty/mandate/whatever to attempt a ... censorship of sorts on literature or moving-picture entertainment.
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