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Fics & one or two commentses

I wrote a ficlet for alias_chick's 40 Days of Metallicar here. Linkage to the ficlet (reposted) here: Alive, PG, Dean. It's post No Rest for the Wicked; written without knowledge of what season 4 is bringing, just mild speculation :)

And tater_mae wrote a Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel era fic about Mickey's decision to stay in the parallel earth. There's some good insights and it's well written. Found here: LINKAGE!. Do read!

I've been watching some DW season 3 episodes lately and have a few more thoughts on Martha that I'll post later on. Also, today, I watched 2 more eps on Torchwood and Turn Left again so I'll post a bit about those too.

But for now, I must get ready for the Conquistador Media meeting. NERVOUS!
Tags: conquistador media, fandom: fanfic, other: fanfic recommendations, tv: doctor who, tv: supernatural

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