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RE: Torchwood.  I watched up to episode 6 now, and I must say that 5 & 6 are SIGNIFICANTLY better than 1-4.  I'm still not sure that I like it; there's a bit too much ~*~angst~*~ and ~*~sexual drama~*~ in it right now, when I'd prefer wholesome character development and interesting adventures, but we'll see.  I'm not totally adverse to watching more.

In rewatching Turn Left, I have new appreciation for Catherine Tate. 
The woman is an acting genius and does things with the scripts she's provided with that are truly amazing.  I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted, but I have to squee a bit.  I hadn't thought of it before, but she really brought three (THREE!) variations of Donna to life on screen: 1) Pre-Doctor Donna, all sarcasm and barbed defenses, 2) DoctorDonna, softened, adventurous and loyal, 3) Never-Doctor, Apocalypse Donna, stripped of sarcasm and thrown into dealing with the dreary.  Bloody fantastic; I believed each Donna was the true Donna, I couldn't find fault in the development.  *glees* I'm scared to rewatch Stolen Earth & Journey's End even more now, because her loss will be so much more pronounced.

I'll admit that my second time through now, Martha's growing on me, but she's still definitely no where close to Rose or Donna and I think I'm figuring out why.  By having her fall so head-over-heels with the Doctor (not that I blame her ; ), she kind of abandons what it is that gives her personality.  I know, I know that Rose was in love with the Doctor too but it wasn't her main focus/personality attribute, and though it may have become more apparent later, she certainly didn't start out in love.  They butchered Martha from the top by stripping away personality in lieu of her unrequited crush.  It belittled her sometimes-bravery by making it seem all about the Doctor (see: Lazarus Experiment).  And most important (or detrimental?), there was no slow character development and growth.  It was crammed into the finale.  

All that said, Martha does kick major ass from Utopia onwards and I really start to enjoy her from that point on.  However, also beginning at that point, she's not so lovey-dovey for the Doc and starts to lead her own life again - definitely in season 4.  She rediscovers her goals, develops new ones and begins independently thinking again and find the strength/ambition to seek out another love, letting the Doctor go.  In other words, her once flat character becomes interesting and fleshed out.  If we'd had a season of the latter-time Martha, I bet I for one would've enjoyed her a hell of a lot more.

And, so that this isn't all just Martha pseudo-bashing, the scene in Last of the Time Lords, when the Master has her fucking kneeling in front of him, about to shoot her dead, and she just starts laughing?  MAJOR ASS KICKING PWNAGE.  That was the solidification of me liking Martha.

If you've counter arguments, please do tell!  I'd like some discussion on Martha's character because I still can't really get a deepened grasp on her outside of the above, which isn't very deep at all really.

Meeting last night went okie.  Meeting again next Thursday to rehash ideas and suchnought ;D!  

Beginning to really realize how annoying current work schedule is, and how little money I make from the inconvenience.  It's a good job for the school year, but goddamnit I should've tried way harder to find something better for the summer.  Sigh.  Hindsight is 20/20.  One can only learn from mistakes.
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