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Okay, my wonderful, short, beautiful flist.  I promised some of you information/pictures from t3h filming day, and let me tell you, I am still inches from death (an amazing, fulfilled and glorious one), even though it's now ... friday and it all happened wednesday.

Well, nevlothicons, my dad and I arrived at the SN parking lot thinger (holy crap.) at around 9:50 am after a drive that lasted about... well, we left my house at 7:50.  It honestly didn't feel like two hours.  Partly because we had kickass Supahnatural CD music type stuff, and partly because once we reached the vicinity, there was an abundance of Semi's which was freaky.  Because now I have an innate fear of semi's.  Because my life is just so intricately woven with the events in Supernatural. ANYWAYS.   I can give lots of little details which are kind of dull and only interesting if you're there, so I'll narrow the PreJaredandJensenOMG. time down to 4 points.

1)  They told us to get there at 10, didn't start practising filming until nearly 12, and it was set at a Carnival.
2)  Featured at said Carnival, is a two headed goat and a Chupacabra (crap I suck at spelling- unless that's not wrong, in which case yay!), and in the last scene we took part in before having to go, there were a bazillion clowns.  shooting people (like me n nevlothicons) with water.  Which was nice.  Because holy mother it was friggen hot.
3)  There's this little girl in it, who's really cute, and does things like spin plates with clowns, and say "look mommy, another clown!" before said clown DISAPPEARS.
4)  We all had to sign agreements saying they could use our faces on their shows and crap, which also mentioned that they had the right to use it "anywhere in the Universe" which I thought was quite ... well ... other than funny I don't know what.  (We figured it was fitting, considering the spoilers about this episode having to do with Clowns from Space or something. AKA UFO Clowns)

OKAY.  And so I embark upon the SQUEE. (did I mention it would be long, detailed, rambling, and quite possibly boring for those not there?)

So in the scene where the little girl says "look mommy another clown!", well in between takes more, we hear the dude in charge (I don't think he was the director, just some guy... or maybe he was.  I dunno, intros weren't exactly abound) say "okay, when I say 'cut' invite Jared down"  at which point all three of us kind of had a moment of shocked pause and then "!!" hahaha (I've decided that from now on, unless otherwise stated, "we" stands for me and Nevlothicons.  My dad didn't do much stuff that was interesting. heh.) then we started smiling like idiots and got prepared for the shot, and suddenly it was a lot easier to pretend that we were having fun at the fair.  (Random note: they arrived in black SUVs.  Very FBI.)  We were told to take a break, and so we went to the bathroom, and on the way back Nevlothicons stops and gets this look on her face that was blatant "OMG."  And I looked around and didn't know what the hell she was seeing.  So then she's like "we're going this way"  and lo and behold, there before us, in all of his 6'4" glory, is Jared Padalecki.  And can I just have one (of many) shallow moment(s) to say that he is a fine boy on TV, but even finer in person?  Honestly.  And so tanned. SOOOO tanned!  And there was something in his mouth area glinting in the sun that we thought were teeth but later discovered to be something else, which he just randomly had in his mouth and we don't know what it was.  But yeah, we were kinda like "so when people talk about the million watt smile, they were speaking literally." OKAY. So, the scene that was with Jared took place in front of some games, where he was dressed as Sam who was dressed as a garbage collector (initially thought of as the hottest garbage collector ever to be seen) for the Carnival.  We were instructed to play games or walk or whatever.  Anyway, once "cut" was yelled, every single person that wasn't on the crew, turned inward. So there was this huge ring of people, all staring at Jared.  No exageration.  And then, when "rolling!" was yelled, with one movement, people went back to their original spots.  In between "takes" (man, you have no idea how worldly I feel, using all the lingo. hah. I need a life am so cool.), he was smiling and laughing, getting make-up put on, being all affectionate with the crew around him, HAHA getting his forehead fanned so that he wouldn't be all sweaty and gross HAHA (did I mention that we were all DYING in autumn clothing when it was HOT HOT HOT?... so worth it.)  Erm, what else.  We couldn't hear anything that was said, but later dad was watching and it appeared that Jared just spoke into the camera, and was all angsty.  So basically, Sam to a T.  Which is how it should be. OH WHATEVER.

Interlude: we were hot and made the mistake of deciding to go on a ride in the background.  Mistake, because it wasn't that windy and it was painful.  And yet, so worth it.  Funny how that works.

The next scene, after a short break, was just to wander the grounds aimlessly.  Or at least, that's what we did, since we didn't get direction.  So, as we aimlessly wander, we round the Slushee stand and there before us is JENSEN ACKLES.  It was like a "ohfuck." moment.  In a good way.  That's not pervy.  Well, maybe a little bit pervy.  Anyway, suffice to say, from this point on our aimless walking wasn't so aimless.  Though it was very casual and uh... collected.  Or at least, we like to tell ourselves it was.  We did catch a bit of the exchange between Jensen and his Blindman counterpart.  It went like this:

Dean on cellphone, walks, gets grabbed/spun by blind dude.
Dean: Do you have a problem ... (with me)?  [we're not sure if he ended it there or not]
Blind dude: well, you're the one talking about human bones
Dean: *can't hear* My brother... *can't hear*

And at one point, he did, THE GRIN.  Grguelahjaklhfja ha0-jhoranhkfladjhfad-jk f;anma,d.  And after takes he'd grin into the camera like the beautiful man he is.  Nevlothicons was directed to walk about two feet away from this scene at one point.  I will forever be jealous.  Well, not really.  Because it's awesome.  And ... YEP.

Then it was dinner break, at which point we were told that the draw for the TV (did I mention there'd be a draw for a TV?) would be done by "J and J" HAHA.  So, the break was dull.  Except there were some idiots next to us who I wanted to punch because they were obnoxious, but that's okay!

So blahblahblah stuff blah hats handed out yaddayaddayadda.  And then they were introduced! and came onto the little platform that had served for where the Barker and a dude dressed as a Gladiator had been earlier.  So Jensen goes on first and picks up the TV box saying "there's nothing in here!", and then they get the bucket or hat or whatever Quaker Oats Cereal Box (Apple Cinnamon) [detail c/o Nevlothicons] with the raffle tickets inside, and ask one of the kids who were standing in the front to draw the ticket (eee!), and they asked his name, which I think was "Andy" and Jensen says "so if anyone has any problem with the draw, take it up with Andy here." and Jared adds "he's the short one wearing the red and black hat"  and they get him to draw it, and a little girl wins haha! and one of them says "are you serious? haha okay!" and they get her to come to the stage, and remind the crowd to bring up any issues with Andy and not them, and she looks terrified! haha!  I can't really blame her, since they're over 6 foot and she was around 3'-3'5".  Anyway, they help her up on stage, and then agree to a picture, so she sits on the TV box and they bend down and smile (guh.).  Then stand up, Jensen asks her if she can carry it herself, Jared kinda pushes it towards her, and then the much-needed "oh! This TV only plays Supernatural though, sorry about that." XDDD  It was really corny, but really funny, and you kind of just love them so much more, and want to laugh and like... I dunno, pass out.  Then they thanked all the volunteers "very much" and told us they "really appreciate it".  And left.  At this point someone points out that others are taking pictures so why the hell shouldn't I?  But I only got one of them leaving- see below.

Anyway, so all of us head back to the tentsthingers to get the signed photos, and when we leave the line up, there's Jared again with a procession of girls behind him and we kind of look at each other in terror and excitement before dashing to our stuff, and then overhearing him say something about being in the shade and he's in the other tent again, signing autographs and giving pictures.  He's the sweetest man, I swear to you.  He was supposed to be back getting make up and stuff, but came out to thank the volunteers again.  He was so genuine, repeating "thank you so much.  Really guys, it's so great.  Thanks." for volunteering.  He's such a great person.  And so patient.  One girl commandered quite a bit of his time, or attempted to, while so many others were pushing in on him, but he still smiled and tried to listen and reply.   Man!  Anyway, we got closer and a girl passed Nevlothicons her camera, but it didn't work properly, so she said "uhm, it shut off." and Jared says "So, is 'shut off' Canadian for 'shut up'?  I'm just starting to learn all these Canadian terms and...", I can promise you that everyone there was wishing they were brilliant and clever but instead only giggles were issued.  It was ... yeah.  Jared just equals so much love.  He's such a good person.  We finally got in there for a picture and my camera died (x.x"") but luckily Nevlothicons had a camera on her phone so we got a (rather blurry but really who cares) picture with Jared (GAH.)  Then we ran away.  Hahaha, dad stayed there and shook his hand saying "You're a good man."  One of the crew was there too and kept trying to get Jared to go for a touch up but he couldn't seem to say no to the fans.  Finally we heard him say "it's okay guys, I'll be right back after my touch up, I promise" or something along those lines and off he went and so off we went.  

OKAY SO PICTURES.  There's only seven, but yeah.  And 2 of Jared, 1 of Jensen's side-of-face/back.

  to the set la

  where we parked

  the contract in which "SUPERNATURAL" kinda looks like "SYGPNATURAL" and you can't really read the "in the Universe" part, but it was there.  I swear.

    nevlothicons with balloon prop

  dad and I with fake soda prop.  There was also stale popcorn which was fun. >.<  That was taken during the boring dinner time.  Between the exciting OHMYGODIMMAYBEINASCENEWITHJENSEN and the OHMYGODTHEY'RERIGHTTHEREONSTAGEBEINGTHEM.

  the amazing walking away shot.  I'm sorry, but even their backs are beautiful.

the blurry OMG picture in which Jared looks mildly dazed and we look like our lives are complete.

Okay, I would go into the "it was a fantastic day" but it'd sound corny.  So I've decided to go for the only way that you can properly and entirely cornify this and say:

The day was totally supernatural.

[ mood : | | (uh.. overwhelmed? so that I ... pass out. or something) | | | | | ]

(ps- I then went on to have the best sleep in months and months, and have a whole new respect for the whole 'yeah, we work 17-18 hours a day sometimes."  I WOULD DIE.  So God bless those men.  I wish them REST and ... LOTS OF IT.)
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  • oh!

    I have been banned from camelot_love - for proxy-posting another user's thoughtful comment to the recent mod post. This user had no other…

  • GUYS. I'm finally done.

    So for several months now, I've been meaning to do a meta-study of Gwen, but it wasn't until the Thursday before the season 2 finale aired that…

  • short hiatus

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