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2 Things that Make No Sense and 1 Thing that Does

1) [very mild casting spoiler for future DW] Alienating a large part of your fanbase is not very intelligent.

I'm not particularly offended by the comment myself (mostly because I think he's completely wrong, there's too much evidence to the contrary), but there seem to be a lot of Rose and Rose/Doctor fans who are. It doesn't make sense to me for a writer to just be on the cusp of taking over a very successful show to belittle one of the characters who probably helped said show reach its popularity; and by association then offend said characters fans. Just sayin'.

2) This is why I think musicians (and other famous people, really) should not make political statements.

I know that it's Madonna and really, who takes her very seriously; but still. Why, oh why, would a person ever conceive of making a comparison like that? Hitler and Robert Mugabe are not camparable to John McCain. They just aren't. McCain will not be slaughtering hundreds of people due to their religious beliefs or race or for any other reason were he to become president, mmmkay? And as far as I can tell, this presidential race is still democratic and I think that Americans have their form of democracy too ingrained in them to relinquish it, so there should be no fear of dictatorship. My eyes pretty much rolled out of my sockets upon reading that. I almost can't believe anyone could be so fucking stupid. I do wonder at the response of the crowd though, if the Welsh people cheered I really want to know why.

1) Fandom Free-For-All, fandoms coming together XD!

pheebs1 and oxoniensis are hosting a Fall Fandom Free-For-All which looks like it could be a lot of fun. Details here, the bare gist of it is that you comment with up to 10 things you'd like (fic, graphics, fanvid, whatever) and then you read through other people's lists and find something to do for them. In the end, everyone should come away with something they really have always wanted. They ask that if you post a list of your own, that you find someone for whom you can make something too. A fair trade! =D!
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