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supernatural personal canon

Partly inspired by anteka and partly inspired by irony_rocks, years ago. Not gunna lie, it's Dean-heavy.


Dean always sleeps between the main point of entry and Sam.

The single most influential presence anyone has had on Dean is Mary: family actions are based on what she would have wanted, his strength originated with her and is solidified in her memory.

Dean wishes he was as independent as Sam, but in his base, he is not.

Dean has always practiced honesty with Sam with one notable exception. Aside from the promise he gave to John, he has never once deceived or hid the truth from Sam intentionally.

Dean does not believe that mixed blood means that Sam is anything less than what he makes of himself; he truly believes that if Sam were to just ignore his demon blood side, he would be entirely human.

The Impala represents a lot to Dean: it is him, it is John, it is survival, it is constant, it is the means to the end, it is family and it is loved.

One of Dean’s greatest regrets is that he took Sam away from Jess that night.

Dean looked up Leila more than once after their brief encounter; she was not his usual type, but her resonating internal peace was like balm to his soul.


Sam wishes he was as noble as Dean, but in his base, he is not.

The single most influential presence anyone has had on Sam is Dean.

Sam has more secrets than he can count.

Sam is of a different generation in which full self disclosure and the exploration of the soul is a must to find internal peace. Until he regards himself as whole – demon and human sides balanced and meshed as a yin-yang – he will be wildly conflicted.

The Impala represents one thing to Sam: Dean.

At Stanford, Sam put everything connected to his family in a mental box, never to be opened. He was shocked at how quickly loyalty and (familial) love sprang to the surface upon seeing Dean again.

Sam was equal parts thankful, jealous and hurt that Castiel saved Dean and did not approach Sam first; is not Sam’s angel.

Sam would have banged Ruby as the blond, she signified hope; Ruby as the brunette signifies failure.


John never knew Mary had any connection to hunting whatsoever, at all.

Most of the time after Mary’s death, John never thought twice about what he was doing to his sons. The few times he did, the remorse was nearly debilitating and resulted in the arguments he had with Bobby and other hunters.

John secretly believed the only retribution he deserved was preserved in the loyalty Sam had to Dean and vice versa; had he not been able to foster that bond between them, John feared he would have been a lost soul for eternity.

John did not have a favourite son; regardless of their fears, he loved them both equally. The forfeit of his own soul to bring Dean back was peanuts, compared to what he believed the loss would have occurred to both of them had Dean died.


As a spirit, her feelings were fairly limited, only the extremes got through, and for the most part it was one emotion to one subject: Mary felt guilty to Sam for what she had put him through; she could feel nothing but proud of the man Dean had become.


Castiel has only one vice: envy of Dean. Castiel was created to be God’s soldier, His messenger and His guide to Dean; Castiel can be nothing but dedicated to his Lord. Dean chooses righteousness and loyalty of his own accord.

People along the way

Lisa dreams more frequently of Dean than she would ever be willing to admit. Even after she marries and moves on, he walks in her dreams upon occasion and she awakes with a mild sense of regret.

The young boys who Dean has helped along the way never forget him; his brief time in their lives shaped them to become better men than they may have.

Sam is actually the bigger heart-breaker.

This is a fun activity: getting the things I took for granted about Supernatural down on paper and seeing how much of it is just in my head hahaha. Discussion encouraged & I'm super curious about all y'all's personal canons...! I may do this with Who and others later... heh!
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